My dreams caught in a loop.


Rain fell against my window cleansing my thoughts

beneath a twilight moon,

my mind happily wandered deep in the realms of sleep, to you.

Caught in a constant loop I dreamed of love.

Your fingers against my skin your breath against my soul.

Slowly you tilted my chin, my eyes wandered across your face,

past those lips I have longed to kiss for so many days

and so many nights.

My eyes rise to meet yours

I am lost in the depths of your soul.

Your hand snakes across my hips,

down across my arse pulling me closer.

Slow, gentle, a single kiss.

A single moment that I will immortalize in time to recall at a moment’s wish.

I feel the heat rise to my cheeks, our surroundings became a blur.

A smile creeps onto your lips,

I wonder for a fleeting moment have I just revealed the secret to my blushes.

No words are used, no words are needed.

I see the beauty of me reflected in your eyes.

I feel the depth of us reflected in your kiss.

Your fingers in my hair and time pauses as we fade, disperse.

And the loop starts again, your fingers against my skin your breath against my soul.

Karen Hayward ©2016

Published by


Welcome to my blog! Here you will find different forms of creative writing, lots of swearing, erotic poetry, random thoughts, beautiful imagery, but most of all you will find a version of truth. My truth, this is the way that I see the world. However, all of my work is a form of creative writing, a combination of truth and fiction. I write to express my creativity, not my needs!

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