The simplicity of thought penetrates the mind, intentions speaking louder than the letters that form words. The uncontrollable flush that spreads through my veins awakening my skin, awakening the passion that hides deep within. Rationality leaves my mind as the air leaves my lungs and passion escapes my lips desperately trying to contain the deep radiating need that is spreading through me. I cannot contain it all, I cannot stop myself from throbbing, I cannot stop the pooling of my need, I can not stop my muscles aching for your passion, I cannot stop it, I take a deep breath and let the essence of you disperse through me. The hint of you will remain against my skin, it will linger waiting to be caressed, waiting to be released. The simplicity of your thoughts penetrate my mind, disabling my faculties and enabling the essence of my spirit.
Karen Hayward ©2016 


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