Call it what you please.

(from draft box)

And when the pain becomes too much,

when the emptiness too vast,

When the minutes begin to shatter

like crystal glass.

When the void of need must be filled

When the voice of love is silently killed.

May courage be our saviour be the truth in our pain 

For it is only in deceit that the heart turns to blame.

Our existence lays beyond

Our journeys they are long,

Our spirits search the faces

For our ancient traces. 

Our souls coexist within the atoms of life.

So tell me if your spirit needs the freedom of night. 

My heart carries more strength than most can conceive, 

But forgiveness I’ll refuse, if you choose to deceive. 

Karen Hayward ©2016

One thought on “Call it what you please.

  1. Lovely Karen 🙂 – the ”emptiness” within the atom is not empty – but is infinite potential – and the source of every thing. “The Void is not of the nature of a black abyss or a bottomless pit.
    Rather is its nature ‘vast and expansive like space itself’.
    It is apprehended as ‘serene, marvellous, all-pure, brilliant and all-inclusive’.
    Above all does it partake of the nature of light.
    And it is not anything.
    For Void is Mind Itself, and Mind Itself is Void.” – Wei Wu Wei

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