Motto of Your Last Day

I love this different pov on a last day of existence.

Some'n Unique Magazine, LLC

Sourav “Teddy” Biswas

So you wake up and what you discover while sipping your morning coffee chills your brain to a fanatic stop. That day is your last day and you have barely 24 hours to live. The coffee mug falls from your hand; you can barely hold yourself up and then follows a dramatic set of cries, hugs and last minute goodbyes. Sad and heartbreaking, definitely not something you prepare yourself for; the cynical events of your last day. Or! You can try the following things, have a blast on your last day and when its finally time for others to grieve you; you’re not around to see it.

Start your journey by saying something to someone you never had the courage to. Pick up that phone, call you exes and in a prophetic way, tell them from tomorrow you’ll be keeping an eye on them. Then, text…

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