Narnia beckons.


Knit one, knit one, knit one

I ponder when the world will stop

spinning so I can breathe.

Knit one, purl one, knit one,

people ask is it hard,

I say yes,

It’s a lie.

My…piano fingers, artists fingers,

oh whatever,

my long bony fingers make

light work of the needles.

Purl one, purl one…

what row am I on? What does it

matter, like all things in my life

this will become a chaotic flow

of mistakes lovingly crafted


Knit one, purl one, knit five

I don’t use a pattern, I don’t need

a pattern the image is super imposed

inside of my mind and analytically

broken down, I see it as it needs to be

created, as I do all things.

Knit five, purl two, knit five

from this angle I can see world

peace on the horizon.

My mind scrambles to create a pattern

for the Narnia wardrobe, hopeful

I could slip through and be met by

the lovely Mr Tumnus.


Karen Hayward ©201





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