Insomniac nightmares.

Your presence haunts me from the darkness, taunting me within the shadows calling out to me as I slumber. Forcing me through the red mist into a realm of  violent discord. And the rains fall and the acid burns and the children scream of tortured pain.  Heart beats ebbing toward a distant light as innocence is lost in a roar of abandoned fear. I feel your essence between the darkness and the light, teetering on the edge of purgatory, the devil’s soldiers march on as the bairns sleep peacefully, their dreams the realism of a black hearted world. I can sense your torture upon my soul and scream into the vast abyss, but I am merely a flicker of pain and the vastness does not reply but to send me the devil as he crawls across he co tours if naked spirit.
Karen Hayward @ 2016

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