I hear the shadows of a past. 

I sometimes
the not so distant
sound of footsteps
lurking in past
behind us.
Do you hear
mine? Bleeding,
tar like energy
through the
Open vines of our
Then the sun rises
and our past
shadows creep
Into our future selfs
Vivid darkness
contrasting light
I sometimes hear
the footsteps
of your shadowed
past creeping
Longside my
demons and I
wonder are they too
tied by the echos
of ancient maps.

Karen Hayward ©2017
Image and words

The echoed whisper.

Oh to be the echoed whisper of my dreams. The forgotten call of existence the tug that will forever delve into the oceans embrace. Fall now my love into eternal slumber, take not flight, born of the essence of fire as the phenix burns new life will engulf your soul. Let not those fires die. Let not the oceans grow angry with the turmoil of a dreamers heart. Run free with your soul beneath illuminated skies as you scream to the heavens as thunder embraces your spirit and raw energy burns within. Oh to be the echoed whisper of my dreams.

Karen Hayward ©2016

Winter leaves a trail.

Winters cold is upon us in the dark hours of existence. It swarms through on gentle breezes screaming of devastation. Will you warm me? Dreams caught in a time loop of repetition haunt my slumber. One minute feels like an hour, a night as a lifetime.  Will you hold me? The whistle call of cold creeps across my skin, a reminder of the darkness and what winter can bring. Will you hold me. Will you?

Karen Hayward ©2016

Eye spy with my little eye.

A fun observational poem. :-).

Eye spy with my little eye
the tiny little princess
wanting to cry.
She grasps and leaps
reaching for hope,
holding tightly to forbidden rope.
But it cuts and it hurts and she’s losing her grip,
and the tear in existence is beginning to rip.
Silent screams for she must be heard,
It cannot be she is just another bird!
Fear not princess, your knight is yours,
Until that is of you he bores.

Karen Hayward ©2016

Druid oracle, whispers of a past.

(Druid animal oracle reading in poetry form)

(Motive behind a situation or event)

Behind every reason lays motive whispering in the moonlight,

dancing on speckles of sunlight caressing the earths breeze.

Eala brings the beauty of souls of love, of great depth. In the

pureness of white feathers the swan, in her earthly beauty

brings divine love that can traverse to the Otherworld. She,

the cloak of the bards of the past, the whispered promise of

love divine brings blessings to the poet.


(effect, emotionally, socially, relationship level)

Perfected patience and the world becomes a restful

place of great beauty, the book of nature becomes

our life and we become one with the universe.

Our intuition grows, we grow and finally we are open

to becoming one. Corr whispers a chorus of patience,

perseverance focus and concentration as he walks you

through the inner realm.


(Effects in the tangible world)

Damh parades with such grace and majesty,

his protection a lulling calm, his strength the gaining

of independence. He comes to give freedom to a past

that haunts. With blessings of new beginings,

what means everything to him and so little

to her will become an act of dignity, an act of wholeness

draped in grace and power. A first, it is to be an act of love.


Karen Hayward ©2016


Eala = Swan.

Corr = crane.

Damh = Stag.








In dreams of sleep you fill me deep.

In dreams of sleep

you enter me,

so very deep.

I feel your lips as they

dance across my skin,

primal need pleading

that we commit the devils sin.

I feel your eyes gaze

across your desired need

Free roaming wolves

we exist to feed.

I feel the gentle tease of your fingers

tracing the lines of lips

where your kiss still lingers.

I hear the call of desire

I feel the flaming fires

Oh, be my Sire,

be my Sire.

Release me of this energy

it’s ours, can you see?

Need that fuels life

be my Sire,

and i’ll be your wife.

Be my Sire,

let us live life.


Karen Hayward ©2016





My love for you…

maygarden 015

Alas, I cannot give to you the transcendence of celestial grace whispered on the warm sigh of the universe. I cannot make promises of eternal oneness our souls lost within the essence of same. The heavens may not be ours and the skies may never rain tears of joy for solace of our unity. I have no power to wield such fantasies, I have only the now. I cannot command the universe, I can only command my heart. I know not the frequency of existence, I know only the love I have for you. I cannot give you transcendence, for I have only the power to love. I have only love to give you. I have only love to give you. It is raw and lacks the boundaries of beauty. It is real and lacks the veil of falsities. It is love and it transcends the edge of time  it wields the power of life. It is all I have. My love for you is all I have to offer.