Dear God, do not place me upon that mountain.

Poem written in response to a picture prompt which can be found in this lovely g+ poetry community that I moderate in, feel free to come and read and join our growing community :). POET’s

Dear God,

Please hear now my whispers

as I plead for your assistance.

Give me the strength I

need for resistance.

The devil calls from the

mountain top,

her blind refusal?

or a game?

The devil in her guise,

just wont stop.

I beg you God.

Hear the pleas of my soul

Do not allow revenge my goal.

Do not place me upon that summit,

looking down on all those

that plummet,

I do not know what poison

swims among the unaware

that believes themselves so aware.

Or what blindness curses them so that

they do not care.

But disrespect is painted upon their every word

as they fly, believing they are free as a bird,

peering down from atop the mountain

the cries of a banshee the devil does sing.

Dear God,

Please, do not allow me to climb that range,

do not let the summit bless my soles,

as the devils mist penetrates my soul. God,

I beg you hear my pleas, keep me at

the foot among the humble and the free.

Karen Hayward ©2016



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