Blogs birthday.


Wow, it is my blogs fourth birthday today 🙂 he is growing so fast!!! So it has to be time for reflection :).

Four years ago I set this baby up as I started the last leg of my English degree. We had too and I figured no ones gonna see it, i’ll just write, post and walk away, no worries. Thankfully, I still have that no worries attitude toward my writing, but I was very wrong about no one seeing it. I had made the choice to split my degree into lang lit and creative writing because….I wanted to read less textbooks, yeah yeah i know I should tell you it was all part of my bigger plan, but no I wanted to read less text books and creative writing seemed like an easy way to finish my degree. Admittedly I only planned to do the level 2 creative writing, but on discovering that my soul had finally discovered home in the written word I finished my degree on the advanced creative writing.

This blog, my writing, has improved my confidence in ways I could never imagine that the simple word could. I have grown and developed and discovered a brave and courageous voice inside of myself. Along the way I have made the most amazing blogging friends, real friends and I have had the pleasure of reading the most amazingly crafted pieces of work. So thank you, to all those amazing blogs I read daily, to all those who read mine daily, to all those blood sweat and tears that have gone into each and every word and the spaces in-between.

When I started writing I wrote to fill a space on the page,

now I write to fill the hole in my soul.

Happy fourth birthday bloogy baby!!! 🙂

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