You cannot feel my kisses

or my fingers touching yours.

You cannot feel my gaze

or my hand upon your skin.

You cannot hear my whispers

or the words I do not not say,

so look a little deeper and

know that it’s okay.

Feel me in your soul,

Feel me in your heart.

For baby you should know,

I’ve been there from the start.


Karen Hayward ©2016


Take the floor.


Take the floor. It is yours.

Dance beneath the heavens

with a love divine your future

is set, you my dear are flyin.

Take the floor.

Devote all that you are,

leave behind

whimsical thoughts of passion,

take the floor,

dance to the tune of love that

filters through your mind.

Take the floor, look back no more.

Take the floor,

look back no more.


Karen Hayward ©2016

Dragonfly wings.

Perhaps to be but a whisper on the soft clouds of forever, travelling the stars of existence through a universe of darkness. Perhaps that is to be alive. The echo of intention that vibrates on an unseen frequency dancing like the dragonfly, skipping across airwaves, diving through screams of humanity. Wings fluttering, perfect rhythm to a beat heard only by them, do they sing to the heavens? Do their wings play the instrument of pure music at a core essence level? If the worlds axis tilted and we dived through the bleakness of reality into a parallel universe of turquoise skies and flavored seas would the dragonfly still have her agility? Would dandelions still grant wishes? Would daisies still lay littered across playing fields begging to become crowns and necklaces in the dancing rays of a setting sun? and would night truly come as each day ended with the fading of the eternal sun.


Karen Hayward ©2016

…and they were wrong.


In the dark shadows of existence they say,

such as yourself does not exist.

An urban legend,

a myth of days gone by,

pipe dreams and innocent nativity.

Oh but they were wrong.

In the tainted world of lost hope

I searched in complete belief

faces without features,

bodies without souls,

hearts without love,

‘hopeless’, they declared

my belief, so rarely shared.

Oh but they were wrong…

a singular moment in time

space shared, I saw it

there, right there.

The moment I gazed upon your

eyes, the moment we shared laughter,

I saw the celestial

essence of an angel

looking back and I knew,

they were wrong,

the pure of heart do walk upon

this earth.


Karen Hayward


It must be autumn 

It must be autumn, I’ve spent much of my day sleeping in search of the elusive hibernation and hidden within my dreams I found you, I thought you were a forgotten void my sleeping mind refused to travel back to, but I was wrong. Your warmth cocooned me, your presence enriched me, your desire owned me, I found you there I my dreams. It must be autumn I am cold, my skin prickles with goosebumps the cat snuggles closer, for longer, eager to stay, eager to share his heat with me, his kisses with me, his soft gentle purr. It must be autumn soup is on my mind and I am subconsciously writing a list so I can make some, it must be autumn the evenings have drawn in and darkness calls to me earlier, like a long lost friend. And oh how I have missed the darkness. It must be autumn the skies are grey and rains fall and fall, dying leaves spi across the pavement death is everywhere. Death is coming. 
Karen Hayward ©2016

Scarecrow why do you guard my heart so? 


Why do you guard 

my heart so? 

For now I am 

made of tin,

Look…tap, tap, tap

A ringa tin tin. 


Why do you guard 

my heart so? 

The lion wants to know. 

For if I can 

find heart,

He can find 



Why do you guard

My heart so? 

Why do you 

abandoned me? 

For chemicals 

that interact,

based upon no

single fact? 


why do you 

abandoned me?

The lion is 

not free,

He’s a slave 

To you not me, 


Why do you 

abandon me?

Never will I 

abandon you,

But I’m made 

of tin and turning blue. 


Never will I 

abandon you. 

Tis a fool that loves 

tis true. 

But scarecrow 

never will I 

abandon you. 
Oh Tinman, 

What am I to do?  

I am afraid,

tis true. 

Oh Tinman, 

What am I to do,

I cannot let 


Hurt my precious you,

Oh Tinman,

What am I to do? 

Guard not my beating 


It was his from 

the start, 

Let us work 


together we’ll go far. 


guard not my beating 


This battle is 

all but lost,

I can calculate 

the cost, 


but hardly I can 

see you now, 

without that 

Freezing frost. 


This battle 

I have lost. 
Karen Hayward ©2016

Fly free with me. 

Fly with me, spread those tainted wings and fly upon an open breeze. We’ll awaken Helios, he will  warm the skies with his flaming passion. We’ll skip across rays of burning light and explore this world way into night. Selene will lay kisses of translucent desire across our naked form as we rest upon clouds ready to storm. Let the lightning strike as we dance in the angry mist of its core, let the thunder crash as we scream to the skies of the freedom within our eyes. Our eyes, windows to our souls, two windows, one soul.  Fly with me, free of the shackles of a human heart, fly free with me in open skies. 
Karen Hayward ©2016

The unsung song of angels.

The angels came to me when I was young

innocent still with thoughts un-song.

They told me of a universe,

that fell beneath a mortal curse.

The angels whispered in my ear,

‘What holds them back is another’s fear.’

Those angels came to me each night

told me often, ‘Follow the dark, follow the light.

For no path is wrong no path is right.

Though both of them may be filled with fright.’

I see the angels among our own

not sat up high upon a throne.

They walk this earth as if they’re us,

gliding slowly to avoid the rush.

They show us glimpses of memories gone

and show us right when we’ve gone wrong.

The path in front, the path behind

all of them tangles of our human mind.


Karen Hayward 2015 (Copyright)