Obituary to the mouse. 

Through the dark hours you have heard the whispers of my dying heart felt the hidden tears of my soul and held me in abandoned breath as the essence of my being has spilled precariously across the blank page. You have brought me life when silence swam through my veins freezing the beating life from my existence. You have brought me love, held my hand as I explored new and unchartered territory, you waited with perfect patience as I found courage and you deterred in perfect balance as rage soared within me. You have given me a voice once silenced, shown me a life once muted.My life is an honour to the power that was you, sleep easy now poor broken,  faulty mouse, sleep easy. 

Karen Hayward ©2016

9 thoughts on “Obituary to the mouse. 

    1. Lol thank you for the reblog. Sigh the poor mouse, hid life however was filled with poetic beauty…..and yes long live the new one may his life be just as blessed lol

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