Ancient symphony of passion.

I taste the essence of your words on my lips, 

like goodbye kisses, stolen moments of passion. 

I taste the echo of primal lust the raw need of freedom. 

Found now in the lost search of darkness 

locked away from sight, an iron key cast 

long ago into the seas of oblivion. Waves of 

pleasure cascading from the depths of sin 

at journeys end where life begins. 

Lilith plays a melody of a my soul 

moving to her beat, 

a symphony of passion, 

Pan playing his flute 

calling me into the forest of the damned. 

And I am lost between your kisses 

and found within your fingers 

that play my body like an ancient 

instrument of love, 

of desire, 

of passion…of darkness.
Karen Hayward ©2016


3 thoughts on “Ancient symphony of passion.

      1. You’re very welcome! Weaving extra meaning into writing, or anything else in life [art, music, etc.] gives it more substance, yah know? Its kind of like adding stars to the midnight sky in a way. Hope you are well.

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