Grains of ageless sand.

Let me devour your soul.
Tear open your heart,
watch the mechanical
rotation of kinetic energy
summoning me,
calling me.
The rhythmic tick
fucking tock
that begs me
on pleading knees.
Let me devour your soul,
So I may taste the
essence that is you
as the pendulum rocks and grains of ageless
sand are lost.

Karen Hayward ©2016

9 thoughts on “Grains of ageless sand.

  1. Devoured your soul
    Tasted your skin
    Fought with your demons
    Built a heavenly world
    Lost Thee in you
    Trusting all your words
    See what did I get
    Tears and pain

    1. hidden beneath a shroud
      of lost wishes, blown onto
      the breeze of a dandelion clock,
      only to discover too late,
      that the universe now tastes
      of you and I am cursed for
      my every breath is seasoned
      in your deceit.

      This is fun!!!!

      1. No thank you Pawan, I woke up this morning full of cobwebs, but have ended my day feeling creative and like I want to write again and more then that I want to have fun with my writing again. So thank you. I would really like to share your snippets alongside mine on some of my other social platforms (I will link to your blog, and copyright your bits) would that be okay? You dont have to.

  2. Each moments now without you
    Each thought when I feel the pain
    As hunger in me for you
    Kills the inner child within
    The Universe which was mine too
    I feel is the one who played along
    The clicking of the dandelion clock
    Frightens me as huge roar

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