Writing prompt, brick. Dystopian story excerpt.


Word prompt…brick

Excerpt from book of no working title πŸ™‚

Frank looked around the poorly lit octagonal hall its walls covered in art that read like a history book of British dictatorship. A grand ornate chandelier hung redundantly from the ceiling emitting a dull light that attempted to penetrate the deep layers of dust that had settled upon it.

β€˜So, The Houses of Parliament. I’ve always wondered what this place looked like on the inside.’ Poppy said.

β€˜We have not called it that in a long time.’

Frank turned toward the voice. June Whitbread stayed hidden in the shadows for a moment longer. Four soldiers stepped into the light.

β€˜No? So what do you call it then?’ Poppy said looking directly into shadow from which the soldiers had appeared.

β€˜Please, we just want refuge.’ Frank said.

β€˜Home dear…

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