When kisses say I love you.


First kiss,

lips grazing as

butterflies swarm

through our existence,

time momentarily pausing.

As light consumes dark,

dark consumes light.

Souls dance in wonder,


entwining their essence…

this is not the moment in time

when I will know your love

at a depth unknown to others.

This is not the memory I will recall

every time I search my mind

for our beginning.

I will swim past,

delve deeper into the darkness,

Walk the un-trodden path of my mind

follow the lost scent of pain,

I will find the moment that defined our love,

there in a shroud my broken pieces

cocooned by your being.

Rationality departed, etched motives,

my soul shattered,  shards of bloodied spirit

spill monumentally across pristine reality,

the chaotic remnants.

Intensity overload as I break

and break

and break


There you are

lips grazing mine

fingers upon my face,

hand in my hair,

eyes watching me,

no words spoken

just watching

filled with fear,

filled with love.

Lips grazing as you reach through the shards

of shattered crystal,  love rising

through me,

not the fluttering wings of butterflies,

but the sudden rise of knowing beyond all realities,

this is the kiss that will define the moment

I knew what it was to be loved by you.

Karen Hayward ©2016


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