A glance.


That glance, across a crowded room that whispers I’ll be fucking you soon.
The twitching lip
the tingling clit,
the growing dick…
The tiny glance of a precious tongue,
a silent promise of a night filled with cum.

Tongue exploring lips,
hands caressing hips.
Bra pulled aside
and in the fingers slide.

That moment when the world does stop,
as lips sink down that throbbing cock.
Deeper, deeper and deeper still
Eager always to get the fill.
Fingers entwined in flame red hair
Skin tingling so fucking aware.
This pleasure here’s for us to share.

Tongue exploring lips,
hands exploring hips,
Bra pulled aside,
and in the fingers slide.

Wordless exploration as fingers dig deep
Juices spilling over as the pussy does seep.
Licking lips and biting arse
going slowly, going fast.
Raising pressure overcomes
Fingers in and luscious tongue,
drinking fluid as she does cum.

Tongue exploring lips,

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