Indifference, the outer shell of rebellion.


Indifference brought on by misadventure

snakes it’s way across my skin

taking root within my mind.

A rebellious soul would kick back.

An indigo child would perhaps simultaneously

implode and explode sending

ferocious atom’s scuttling to the shadows.

A troubled soul would delve into the pits

of self mutilation of the psyche.

And I am lost swimming in unknown


The shadows have been my company for too long.

I yearn to blossom among the crowds.

I endeavor to be adored, to reach for stars

to dance beneath twilight skies,

to waltz through the clumsiness of adventure.

I do not want to hide within the darkness

I want to shine among the illuminated skies.


Karen Hayward ©2016 (Image and words)



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