Beneath a full and glorious moon I search. 

Wont you come sit with me beneath a full moon. 

Blankets wrapped about our bodies 

keeping in the warmth 

keeping out the cold of Satan’s hour. 

Won’t you wrap about me your arm, 

pull me close and hold me as I am lost 

in the darkness of eternity swimming 

with the stars of forgotten wishes. Sit with me and 

know without me speaking what worries my gentle 

mind in the twilight hours, 

what offering have i for the God of sleep 

as I beg him to please let slumber caress 

my soul like wild kisses of a true love 

devouring its prey. 

Dearest darkness it is us the children 

of the moon that spill delicate tears

of translucence to your being. 

Won’t you comfort me as I find 

solace in the depths of your world

.dear glorious moon. 
Karen Hayward ©2016 


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