Glaze…show me sweet Eden.

Then I ask you be the gentleman

and make me your lady,

take my slender fingers into yours

lead me through the waltz.

Hold me close as we glide,

be the reason for my smile.

Teach me musics silent beat,

be the furnace to my heat.

You be the gentleman show me the glaze,

make me your lady,

dance me through this maze.

Karen Hayward ©2016


One thought on “Glaze…show me sweet Eden.

  1. I love this. I want to be this. I identify completely with this. Do you really waltz? _musics_ might want to be _music’s_. The possessive is your kryptonite. 99.999% is covered by if a word doesn’t end in s add ‘s, if it does end with s, just add ‘. The only common exception is _its_. _Its_ is possessive without the apostrophe to differentiate it from It is, _it’s_. That’s it. If you follow that then you will be almost certainly always correct. Plural doesn’t get the apostrophe ever. If you don’t use the apostrophe, and the word isn’t _it_, then you mean plural, more than one. I’m am hoping to be helpful because you are one of my muses. Love and (((hugs))).


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