Only the Ocean.


At the oceans side I am but a heartbeat from you.

The ebbing tide whispers of my love in hushed

tones of an ancient lullaby and hope ignites within.

Gone are the miles that separate, now lays only

Poseidon’s kingdom and I am a child of the sea.

He grants me passage to you in wild day dreams

adorned with Lucid’s touch. The oceans breeze

carries your name to me, sea mist becomes the essence

that is you, as it swirls through my aura kissing

the flush of my cheek and I know in that moment

I have been kissed by love. No matter the grey

clouds for they will clear, the rain will purge old tears

collecting the grains of sand hurled through the

oceans storm,

until I am at your shore, stood at your feet

and sea mist shrouds us, as we are lost to

loves sweet embrace.

Karen Hayward ©2017

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