Whispers from within the shadows.


Dear shadow whisperer, in deaths ungodly hour.
Go hither yon this soul you cannot devour.
Come search the recess of my mind so fair
for I have dwelled at the devils lair.
I do not quake in damsel fear
when the dark essence of despair comes near.
I have danced in the caves of hell
(where even the strongest Angels fell)
to the inconsolable rhythm of survival,
Oh dark Lord, you are no rival.
I have sold all my wares,
In deprivation of my cares
an Ice Queens heart,
I’ve played that part.
Shadow whisperer take heed and walk away,
I am no longer yours so do not delay.
You cannot corrupt shadows of the broken
When through it all souls long awoken.
Shadow whisperer hear me as I call unto you,
darkness resides within is true but I have stopped
worshiping the darkness that is you.

Karen Hayward* ©2017

Image found on Pinterest.

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