Modern Bedtime Story…



Do not judge without pause…

Our twilight hours are illuminated by blue screens

and chuckles of delight,

for you see…

my body does not know day nor night.

Atypical regulation is absent

my mind does not close at the dimming of light.

So I ask of you please,

stop and look…at our daily fight.

A pillow for one with two joyous heads

because I don’t like going to bed.

When I close my eyes what happens then?

And are certain our dreams are just pretend?

There’s no song my Mum can happily hum

that doesn’t hurt my ears,

No classic tale she can tell

that will settle down my tears.

I need her here, but, she must not touch,

Oh, I love my Mummy so very much!

Beneath the covers I feel her warmth

she does not move…for that can cause a storm!

I watch a vid and another too

but none of them are ever new!

That would be too scary




too SCARY.

I like to know exactly what comes after

this ensures the echos of my laughter.

It calms the beating of my heart

my tablet, you see, plays an integral part.

I went to bed at seven and now the clock says twelve,

My Mum, she is reading, facts in which she’ll delve.

I know that she is tired I see it in her eyes

and all throughout the night she dreams of starless skies.

I know when time has come, she tells me one, two, three

then pulls the covers up and we cuddle…but just our feet.

And now i’m feeling safe and now I’m feeling tired

and contrary to belief I do not wake feeling wired!

My Mum, she does not hum a song or tell me of a tale

instead, she falls asleep each night, with the world

telling her she failed.

Karen Hayward ©2017

Image used via photoprompt (Maricris Cabrera)



Tell me wont you, what you find within the confines of my mind.


I see you have taken up residency in my mind.

I feel the curious curve of your tongue tasting me,

your fingers enticing beneath the surface,

your eyes calling me out. And how can I not follow

when I need to disperse my way through that

glorious mind.

My mind is naked before you,

captivated by your presence

and lost within

your essence,

Karen Hayward ©2017

Poem and picture ©

Insecurities rush, the blind side.


It claws at me gently as hormones rise,

I know the uncertainty of insecure skies,

When enough, leaves and I see not a thing

Oh how I know what the short rise will bring.

But if nothing is all and all is free,

There’s nothing left for my broken soul, to see.

A blank page and empty space

Expect nothing, leave negative space.

I’m a whisper, a silhouette a bland empty ghost,

So alone I stand and alone I host.

Karen Hayward ©2017

To be lost there…


And so it is I am lost…Walking the divinity of your eyes

losing myself in their expression, in love and scars

of history past, among desire and flaming fires, in gentle

touches unknown to me. In patient whispers and a

protective stance,. and so it is that I am lost to a yearning,

deep and cumbersome, raw and inviting, primal and ancient

traversing the echos of time your eyes call to my soul…

and I am lost in their sea stepping ever closer, to be.


Karen Hayward ©2017

Image found on pinterest.

I keep moving in the kaleidoscope of fear.


I keep  moving.

So you can’t see me,

so I cant see you.

I keep spinning avoiding those eyes,

That soul, that spirit, you.

I fear what you will see when you

Look into the dark recesses of my psyche,

You will not find beauty,

No one finds beauty.. they’ll be no acceptance,

No understanding….No.

So I spin slowly,

Avoid stepping too close,

One hand drags you in

And the other holds you back.

I hand to you the chipped pieces

Of my persona and keep the

Broken shards to myself.

With each kiss I grant you access

to my light, to the warmth of

my hope whilst I slam away

my darkness and hush my

hollow shadows.

I keep  moving.

So you can’t see me,

so I cant see you.

Karen Hayward ©2017

Lips tender bite…


Would you devour me with those eyes,

that soulful glance… or lips, tender, would

you kiss me and take that chance?

Would you pause to  traverse my eyes

And search beyond what makes me shy,

and look instead at what makes me shine?

Would I feel beyond your touch, beyond life’s hands

mans soul on gentle skin would they tease

and passion bring and would they lead me

through paths of…blissful  sin.

Or perhaps…

Would i devour those

Eyes, that soulful look…

Karen Hayward*©2017

In the oceans mist, essence of ancient calling. 


And when i couldn’t

 reach the ocean

To tell you of my pain,

The ocean came to me

Whispering your name.

On wisps of salty mist

Kept promises, not a wish,

Curling round my soul

Eternal’s loving kiss.

There within the mist

My eternal’s loving kiss.
Karen Hayward ©2017

Image found on Pinterest