To be lost there…


And so it is I am lost…Walking the divinity of your eyes

losing myself in their expression, in love and scars

of history past, among desire and flaming fires, in gentle

touches unknown to me. In patient whispers and a

protective stance,. and so it is that I am lost to a yearning,

deep and cumbersome, raw and inviting, primal and ancient

traversing the echos of time your eyes call to my soul…

and I am lost in their sea stepping ever closer, to be.


Karen Hayward ©2017

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I keep moving in the kaleidoscope of fear.


I keep  moving.

So you can’t see me,

so I cant see you.

I keep spinning avoiding those eyes,

That soul, that spirit, you.

I fear what you will see when you

Look into the dark recesses of my psyche,

You will not find beauty,

No one finds beauty.. they’ll be no acceptance,

No understanding….No.

So I spin slowly,

Avoid stepping too close,

One hand drags you in

And the other holds you back.

I hand to you the chipped pieces

Of my persona and keep the

Broken shards to myself.

With each kiss I grant you access

to my light, to the warmth of

my hope whilst I slam away

my darkness and hush my

hollow shadows.

I keep  moving.

So you can’t see me,

so I cant see you.

Karen Hayward ©2017

Lips tender bite…


Would you devour me with those eyes,

that soulful glance… or lips, tender, would

you kiss me and take that chance?

Would you pause to  traverse my eyes

And search beyond what makes me shy,

and look instead at what makes me shine?

Would I feel beyond your touch, beyond life’s hands

mans soul on gentle skin would they tease

and passion bring and would they lead me

through paths of…blissful  sin.

Or perhaps…

Would i devour those

Eyes, that soulful look…

Karen Hayward*©2017

When ignorance is bliss and the vault is empty. 

I have a vault within my mind with iron bolts and skeleton keys. I place it there; the fear, the words, the knowledge and ignorance, because ignorance is bliss. I tuck away the tumour coated in its beniegn promises and carefully wrap lesions in cotton wool…For there lays the problem., They do and they can…And what happens if they do. I take the accelerated growth and the doctors fear and tuck in in side pocket.Then i close the lid and turn the key and forget, try to forget, i pretend, I pull you in close and pretend that my babies body is without these horrors. Then, someone wants something, phone calls, plans,…I have to open the vault and i don’t want to. Ignorance sure is bliss. 
Karen Hayward © 2017

…and it was.


…and it was in the seconds

that I found our spirits

lacing bonds with crimson silk ties.

…and it was in the minutes

that chemistry spilled from our pores

trickling into one pool of serene passion.

…and it was in the hours

that I felt trusts Armour

fall and walls crumble.

…and there it was that you

became the essence of my days,

the caresses of my sleep,

the light in my dark.

Karen Hayward ©2017

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To gather lost pieces.


If I gather up
the cracked
pieces of
the shattered
grains of soul,
the shards of
spirit, the
chipped remains
of identity,
perhaps you
could help me
tidy them into
neat piles of
rationality, dust
away the insanity.
Fill the voids
with self believe,
polishing them
with self confidence
long lost in the
devils hour.

Karen Hayward* ©2017
Image and poem.

Celestial kisses


My heart, ever yours,
I count the days and
Ebbing tides. Pearlescent
Whispers of crystalline
Beauty, My energy source,
my life force,
Your purity is my essence,
Your light is my very core,
My master i lay down arms
Upon your shore of silver
Beams, i am yours, my soul
Speaks of the twilight hours
Known to you, to I, to
The broken souls of midnight
Hours. Upon unity of life’s
Cycle, I pray thee bestow
Upon me your silent embrace
And loving kisses across glittered
Skin and battered thoughts,
My dearest moon, you are all
That i have sought.

Karen Hayward © 2017
Image and words

Chaos flurry.


To cherish with the chaotic

flurry of energy that swims

within the confines of the

mind, The seconds of existence

that spill light across

darkened shadows,

To explore expressions of

abandoned lust

between the suns heat and

the moons glow…to give what has

never been received.


flowing at a constant,

freely, the implosion

and explosion of expression

spilling open.

Karen Hayward ©2017

Image found on pinterest.


Carnal lust. 

Impale me,

hold my body close to yours

impale the core of my 


I want you,

Desire you,

Curiosity swarms 

Intrigue holds me down

I need the essence of your 

desire spilling across me.

Thrust after thrust. 

Take me. 

Take my purity, spill your

Lustrous ink across my 

Skin in whispered hues 

Of carnal lust. 
Karen Hayward © 2017