Lunar crystalline beads of ever beating life.


If I wielded sand grains in a broken hour glass
tore kinetic energy from the fabric of time
Ripped a hole in the linear vortex
for a moment I’d make you mine

Beneath star filled skies and a distant moon
damp air clinging to my skin
owl hoots a chorus of ancient wisdom
the silent echo
a lover’s blanket of need wrapped about my body’s bloom

Each breath filling my lungs with your essence
I’d drink in the dark pools of your eyes
trace the heart of your lips with my mouth searching for your taste
beneath celestial skies.

Our horizon lost in endless fog
the muting of reality
my body falling into yours
the melding of our existence
the paused shadow hovering above life’s forgotten arrow
sundial engulfed in past darkness illuminated by lunar crystalline beads of ever beating life

I would hold those grains of
sand in my hands
count the blessings of their moments
ensnare them
bind them to my fantasy
Mold them to my reality
Forget them in the black
hole of desire

Our lips devouring the soul
our tongues tracing a faded constellation of our love
searching for home and finding
each other
between the paused beats of
times ticking
hands traversing the infinite
skies of dreams.

Karen Hayward (c)2017
Image and words

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