Perhaps as you sleep . . .

Horned by on @DeviantArt

Perhaps, whilst you sleep
My fingers could trace along
Your skin, my lips could taste
Your neck, my hands could
Know your chest, my mouth
Could find your nipples…
Perhaps, whilst you sleep,
My hair could tickle gently
At your face, as i trace my
tongue down, down, down…
Swirling across the tip
Of your dick, sucking,
Licking, ..
Perhaps, i could wake you
With the gentle rocking of
My hips, small gentle twirls
As your tip, teases the opening
Of my lips…With soft kisses
That turn to passion, with
Rocking hips that turn to need…
Your hands stirring finding
My hips…No more teasing..
Thrusting, deep, hard
Primal thrusting…Perhaps
Whilst you’re sleeping
I could wake you.
KH© 2017

Image found on pinterest

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