Befalling lost essence…


When I search, my eyes befall an empty page,
stained in lustrous thoughts of yesteryear,
Swimming deep in oceans of passions rage.
Signed with forgotten wishes craving you near.
When I look darkness suffocates my naked form,
Plunging me through desirous gates
Skin ravaged by kisses on this bright new morn,
A yearning so deep I can wait no more…

I watched you chase my words across the skies
colored deep with passionate blues
I remember when I was always lost in your eyes
no way out, but still looking for any clues
all i wanted was to hold you tight
but held hostage by different colored hues
still lurking desperate in the dark night
because the pages were empty of the news
once mine.. kisses led you there
to those scenes we created with ecstatic flair
then locked in desirous embrace
we became one.. and melted into space..

Karen Hayward and Michael Montoya ©2017


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