Two Mirrored Self’s.


Two Mirrored Self’s

© 2017 Harold Bo Clapsaddle,a hardball clod posed

©2017 Karen Hayward, Harked An Wary

Be of God’s love to be lashed inside

to confide well as Red does scarlet

which testifies like Jekyll and Hyde

cut of gut and heart bled ‘pon carpet.

See here? Torn edges of sanity

Neither, spirit nor soul, piece fits space

Ego then all asylum of self, cast reality

shattered drear, for lost is yonder trace.

The riddle, blood of Eve, essence

of Lilith, need of grieve, ripped Adam

spawn given fall, Sam’s sinful silence

a metamorphic war in every atom.

Heartfelt earthly befell from On-High

God tailors, to sew bare threaded bolder

of carnal braided sides, of yet I cannot deny.

of best carpenter, of whom I’m a beholder.

Blinded blood lust screams

A decaying scent of home

and whispers soft from dreams

In Celestial grace given of throne.

Above is brightest thereof

Yet crashing earthen axle

under chilly dark lost love

as mankind eats the apple.

Sin, lies, in lustrous deceit, it breeds

In it’s hot empty void of breath

is cold serpent promise and devil seeds

fed two souls, held to bereft.

Two together, two times

two corresponding equal

givin’ fourth, Great blue chimes

as clock towers eternal sequel.

Kinetic cat calls of sin swings

pendulum of doom upon love

as devil tips, and God sings,

dark shadows prey seeks above.

The confidence of purity, broke

two souls searching for home

the devil not in kindness, awoke

together they are eternally alone.

See of twain, of brain with binary eyes vain

bilaterally spoke is as Jekyll and Hyde reside

which butler shells orange crush so insane

as each alone does confide, to ere cockeyed.

From denial comes excuses

to straight-jacket cold heart

in abyss, crazy flossed abuses

it accuses so hot, that it infuses apart.


A rage of dark, demonic voice

suffocating, all but a fallen tear

pleasant death no longer a choice

as love’s beauty, succumbs to fear.

Clock-towered eternal hence

labors our wing of eagle dare

whence comest our lost sense

to air prayer onto God of affair.

Shall the trees be envious

of what green groves enjoy

that fell gold feathered devious

forthwith flown solitary employ.

Will not all things be envious?

Lost, found essence of dark

among visions given, rebellious

souls playing their part.

Lights dimmed, masks fell

monster, angel, sinner, saint, lover

fragmented mind, departing calls

the inner child, again does suffer.


Image found via WordPress library

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