Whispering clouds

3D somehow becomes
2D and I am
transported through time
to when clouds
were shapes
and the sky
was an endless
Terra tugs at my core
caressing lost strands
of self
as my inner child
sings nursery rhymes
fit for a killer.
Death lays all around me.
Abandoned graves
aging trees
Adulthood on the
lost lips of kids as
they grasp at the
milk cartons
and for a moment
I see St Nicholas
flying high through
cornflower blue skies
I close my eyes
for a last moments
“please wake me
from this dream”
but no one hears
I am four and
that God does
not exist…

… I lay now,
supine in a
moments serenity
reflecting my daily
wish to wake from
this dream
they call life…

Karen Hayward ©2018

Image found via wordpress

3 thoughts on “Whispering clouds

    1. Hey Gilmore, thank you 😊
      Hmm because in equal measures we are light we are dark, we are beauty we are truth….and from every dark part of me is the chance for beauty to blossom 😊😊😊 thanks for asking have a wonderful day

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