Supine in a moments serenity

3D somehow becomes

2D and I am

transported through time

to when clouds

were shapes

and the sky

was an endless


Terra tugs at my core

caressing lost strands

of self

as my inner child

sings nursery rhymes

fit for a killer.

Death lays all around me.

Abandoned graves

aging trees

Adulthood on the

lost lips of kids as

they grasp at the

milk cartons

and for a moment

I see St Nicholas

flying high through

cornflower blue skies

I close my eyes

for a last moments


“please wake me

from this dream”

but no one hears

I am four and


that God does

not exist…

… I lay now,

supine in a

moments serenity

reflecting my daily

wish to wake from

this dream

they call life…

Karen Hayward ©2018

3 thoughts on “Supine in a moments serenity

    1. Good afternoon Jan, my apologies for my delayed response.
      “I am four and discovering that God does not exist”

      The poem is about a cloud formation I vividly remember watching from my school playground. It was a time of great upheaval, my mum left myself and my siblings and change was going on around us. I woke most mornings hoping to discover it had been a dream…in my eyes at that time, God never heard my prayers, I never did wake up (as an adult, I am so very aware the right thing happened, my Dad is a truly amazing parent…buy the reality is when you grow up with a mum who abandoned you, it leaves a stain on you)


      In all of us is darkness and light, this is what makes us beautiful, accepting our darkness allows us to keep it in balance, it allows us to grow spiritually…my name encompasses that I am both light and dark.

      Thank you for asking and have a wonderful Monday Jan


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