Children of war…

Babies carried by children, ten thousand,
displaced souls leave Satan’s garden behind
and head toward uncertainty, alone.
Names filled pages, without hesitation
Hearts torn, tears suffocating lost spirits
mother’s sacrifice, father’s protection
The promise of God’s eternal blessings
holding the hands of siblings
newly made
guarded across the infinite ocean
There were few goodbyes said, mum’s knew their end
called and would be answered, alas the children
At least were free, welcomed at Harwich docks
Now a mangled wasteland of poverty,
but then, to those children, paradise to
the nobodies of Hitler’s insanity
on British soil they found a new homes
But still ten thousand tiny displaced feet
walked fretfully, alone, into unknown
territory, spirited by the
societies friends, eighty years on
I look around and wonder where those friends have gone…

Karen Hayward © 2018
Image found on Google

Statue of the kinder-train children at Liverpool st station, London.

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