All the things I cannot be

Alas, I cannot give to you the transcendence of celestial grace whispered on the warm sigh of the universe. I cannot make promises of eternal oneness our souls lost within the essence of same. The heavens may not be ours and the skies may never rain tears of joy for solace of our unity. I have no power to wield such fantasies, I have only the now. I cannot command the universe, I can only command my heart. I know not the frequency of existence, I know only the love I have for you. I cannot give you transcendence, for I have only the power to love. I have only love to give you. I have only love to give you. It is raw and lacks the boundaries of beauty. It is real and lacks the veil of falsities. It is love and it transcends the edge of time it wields the power of life. It is all I have. My love for you is all I have to offer.

Karen Hayward ©2016 (Image and words)

2 thoughts on “All the things I cannot be

  1. hi.
    you might remember me from such realms as add the one and original one upon.
    you warned me, i know.
    but other than listen i come asking…
    you mentioned you kept POETS collections?
    could i trouble you for copies of my submissions there?


    1. On the contrary, I said it was impossible for me to save all the POETS community, apart from the fact that there were absolutely thousands and thousands of poems, it would have been theft on my part to download them all. So no as I told you at the time, I was saving other people’s work for them.


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