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It’s raining. ..

It’s raining it’s pouring

My pussy needs fucking.

Let’s go to bed and 

do some head

And never get

Up in the morning. 
Karen Hayward ©2016


Inner voices.

This is a collaboration piece between myself and Zigzagstripes  . Zigzagstripes  is a great erotic poet, he explores topics with a level of bravery that I love. He is a refreshingly fearless erotic writer and I like it 🙂 you should go check him out :).

Do you sense me, as I sense you tingling on my skin?

Do you hear my beating heart
or my blood that rushes through my veins?
Do you hear the cackling of the sparks?
Do you smell my heightened scent?


I can feel the electricity,
I can taste the need.
I wonder what would quench you
what wanton erotic deed.


Do you feel me as I tingle?
Can you taste me on your tongue?
Come into my mind and
we’ll have a little fun.


I want more than in your mind
I want your body so I can bind
I want to release that pent up charge
I want to unplug you fucking hard

But… Are you sure…?
For this tingles a strong old charge,
It’s more than just a spark and I’m such a bad girl
I’ll likely slip my binds,
and baby, 
you need to know, I will devour your mind.


It’s there for a predator
For a predator to feast
But once ingested
You’ll have no peace
You’ll have perversions
Thoughts never seen
Running your mind
Turning it obscene.
You’ll be incapacitated
Struck down sick
Stroking all day
Imagining dick
So feast away
Eat all you can
But once your infected
I’ll have control of your hands


Life, with a gun about her head,
did say,..
You want him here inside your bed?
To feel the devils touch of sin
lingering on your precious skin?’.

And I replied…

let him come a crawling i say
As the devil lifts the sheets away
May he be that mortal sin
May he be the one to touch my skin
To enter my soul and feed within 
and when he asks…
Will you come down with me
To hell in blessed agony”

I’ll simply say…Take my hand and lead the way…’

©2016 Zigzagstripes and Karen Hayward.

Leave me hollow.

Appease this fragile mind,

strip away the necessities

of grey that linger, bang

away the thoughts,

tease out the emotions,

leave me hollow and empty,

so I can refill on beauty.


Karen Hayward ©2016

In the ripples of a clear blue lake.

I know the game rules but i’m not a game player.

Let me kiss you. Let me feel the softness of your

lips against mine. Let me taste you. Let me

breathe in your desire. Fingers entwined just

once let me be more. Hold me close feel the curve of

my hip with your fingers as your lips search

my neck. Hold me closer. Feel the beat of my heart

and the warmth of my blood as it pumps just for you.

Whisper sacred thoughts of sensuality to me and

run your fingers across my clitoris as I respond to your voice.

Let our bodies slip together in melted harmony, fill me

with your need, deeply, pull open my legs and pull me in closer.

Slowly rocking to the beat of our pulse. Faster, faster, harder.

Fingers entwined push me onto the white sheets, look deep into

my eyes for a moments recognition. Hold me. Watch me.

Feel me as spasms of pleasure spread through my body as

your arms hold me, as your lips taste me, as your fingers

feel me. Watch me as my body throbs against yours, as you

cum deep inside of me. In unison. Bodies held together

with a primal need for desire. Thoughts held together

through the locked moment of connection. Take me

to this place where together the moment can be ours.


Karen Hayward ©2016




Jasmine scent.

Desire wakes on me like a second skin

where once I searched the words

they now lay within.

I try washing it away, warm water

and lathered soap, a hint of jasmine.

Desire remains long after the scent

has gone returning like tarnished tin.

I try releasing, it returns stronger.

and like the perfect glove, I just slip in.

Karen Hayward ©2016