Category: bad dreams

Sleep paralysis, frozen between worlds.

The heaviness pinning me against the bed. Eyes open I searched the darkness for my captor my eyes met only by the empty shadows. A scream, my scream, a high screech that penetrated where light particles refused to travel. No sound left my stilled body as I struggled against the unseen force holding me against my will. Nothing. With my eyes closed I slowly count, praying for the paralysis to release me, to let go its vice grip on me. My body aches, screaming against the heavy pressure of this unseen dream. Till suddenly I am without cover, my heart a rapid succession of broken beats and the shadows are falling upon me ready to relieve me of my soul. I cannot move and I feel the emptiness become me seeping into my heavy limbs my force ebbing away.

Karen Hayward ©2016


Hold me near.

The sky so thick with cloud the stars cannot be seen.
Dreams so full of pain the love cannot be felt.
Breeze so filled with strength the silence cannot be heard.
Thoughts so filled with dread hope cannot be known.
Dreams so full of despair, it swept inside my broken lair.
Dreams so filled with darkened fear. I wonder could you hold me near

Karen Hayward ©2016

A slumber that felt so very deep clocked in darkness.

Bad dreams pull me from my sleep,

a slumber that felt so very deep.

And now standing here in the dark

my strength is gone my courage stark.

The night is so filled up with fear

a darkness that is constantly near.

I wake to look I wake to see

I wake so the emptiness will up and flee.

Normal with a touch of sugar to calm the nerves

and steady out this yelling verve.

The dream surreal as surreal can be

there was a box that belonged to me.

I filled it up so it over flowed

with sudden thoughts that memories told.

The hissing rain the howling wind

natures living breathing fiend,

dances through the unseen and still

like the devils walk, a repetitive drill.

Bad dreams pull me from my sleep,

a slumber that felt so very deep.