Jason’s coming for you.

Covered in blood I search for the light

as my dreams come alive in the dead of the night.

I feel his sharp nails as he claws at my skin

the veil between sleep is so very thin.

But Fred’s not alone, Jason’s, there too,

and I know in an instant my nightmares are true.

There’s no where to hide there’s no where to go,

covered in blood it’s a dream, oh I know.

But the nails are real, and Jason still comes,

and i’m losing my life as I try to out run.

A small little nick on my porcelain skin,

Freddy is dancing as the knife slips in.

They laugh as they pull gut after limb,

Tearing it out, pushing it in.

An ebbing death for fear to bring.

Karen Hayward ©2015.

The crimson Lake of Lust.

I will…

if you will.

I’ll show you the truth

with an honest account

of the days and the nights

that we no longer count.

I’ll bare you my soul the root

of my heart,

together we’ll find the

place where we start.

We’ll take down the walls,

and the flowerless thorns

burn up the halo’s

and put on our horns.

Together we’ll touch the essence

of life, the crimson vein

of beating souls deep in the

woods beneath the cleansing rain.

I will if you will, i’ll leap with my faith.

Blindly i’ll jump into the sensual lake.

I’ll give and i’ll give,

and you’ll take and you’ll take,

and memories of lust is what we

will make.

Rays of light escaping through broken branches.

Orange rays of light escaping through the broken branches

as the howling wind brings rain clouds marching.

The leaves sparkle in glistening delight

and the sun whispers a stubborn goodnight.

Droplets of rain cloud my view,

a thousand sunsets and this ones new.

A sky alive with soured milk,

clouds so soft they look like silk.

Pushing through and pushing past,

the halo of light cannot last.

So for now I will sit and see,

and for a moment,


that I am free.

Orgasmic dreams of deep green.

A crystal glint that bathes in deep, green, seas.

A daring glance that brings me to my knees.

His eyes that lock me in his stare,

trailing my body and stopping just, there.

The curve of his lip in the hint of a smile,

the promise of touch in just a short while.

To mingle, to talk, to entertain guests,

these are the travesties of passions test.

Eyes upon eyes, lips that do miss

the aching feeling of that wild kiss.

Till there at my side, our fingers do touch

A spark hits me there, a bolt that’s too much.

Unruly black curls slip over your face

as you discover my knickers are lace.

Hands exploring the curves of my hips

and fingers discover the feel of my lips

as I slowly kiss your ivory chest

and your lips explore, my ample breasts.

The need is so strong, no moment to waste

each others bodies we really must taste.

With the sun on my back and the breeze on my skin

our bodies entwined, our spirits are cumming.

Together in bed with that glint in the green

I wake from my sleep, it was but a dream.

Karen Hayward (c) 2015.

Help the tv has control!

Sit back enjoy a cup a tea,
feet up, watch the tv.
Let my muscles go to waste;
as the media dictates my tastes, and
Some lady screams
from my oversized screen,
that this is life,
this is what it means.
She tells me the date, the time,
that the world is over run by
Poverty and crime.
Don’t read those words,
come watch the show,
It tells you everything,
That you need to know.
Here let me help, take my hand,
As I introduce you to la la land.
It all feels so soft, comfy and so,
As the tv tells me what i need to know.
I think I am lost, or maybe found,
I can’t hear over this drismal sound.

Karen Hayward ©2015.