Hold my hand, no one understands.

No one understands,
I cant always
Find my hands,
Or my feet, arms,
Or knees,
I’d really like to climb trees,
Or even a wall,
But I always fall.
I wanna go down the slide,
With pride,
I want to climb to the very top,
To not have to stop.
I don’t want to freeze,
Or locked knees,
Or the rush of heat,
Or the buzzing bees.
This is not behaviour,
Please don’t bribe me,
Don’t you see,
You make me feel worse,
About me.
Hold my hand, calm my rapid heart, cool the breeze, wait whilst i freeze,
When i cannot believe,
In me.

A devilish game, but i am no longer the same.

I’m sorry,
That i cannot play your game,
Don’t you see?
I am not the same.
I cannot wait,
for the elusive date,
For your change of heart,
To play your part,
I cannot wait,
Alone at that gate.
The world is small,
And life gave us
Wall upon wall,
You had no fight,
You took flight.
The universe will
When i am presented
With my king,
The walls will crumble,
Giants will tumble,
Love should be easy,
Not make you quesy.
Love should awaken you,
Make you feel true.
Love should ease away the tough,
smooth the edges,
Walk with you along ledges,
Love should walk with you,
Always with you, not a battle of wits, not a battle at all,
Love should be natural,
Not a devilish fall.

Regret, a world of debt.

Two people,
One choice,
One voice.
Eighteen years
and counting,
Constantly counting
The regrets,
Words said.
Eyes missed,
A good memory,
In amongst a
World of bad.
Two lives affected,
Choices made,
debts paid,
to the past,
to the demons,
No regrets,
no, wish i’d saids,
No wondering
What if, what about,
no regrets, i did shout.
So full of
What did i do!
But never choosing,
Always hating,
But never deciding…
i don’t think you will
Ever see, i am worth
The fighting,
The lightening,
So many words,
but never action,
I am purely a distraction.
Thanks, for the
That you played a blinder,
Eighteen years,
You’ve held onto that regret,
when all you ever had to do
Was pay back the debt.

Star light, you’ve lost the fight.

Star light, star bright,
Poor little you,
Always you fight.
Decaying away in the eternal night,
I wish you may, i wish you might,
Finally die on this starless night.
Your life is gone, you no longer live,
You give us nothing, not even a wish.

Sleep evades my broken soul.

Sleep seems to evade me lately like the plague,
my dreams cloaked in darkness and vague.
But i’m still standing,
And landing,
On my own two feet,
And from here,
Deep in the depths of despair,
I can hear my beat,
Calling my name,
pushing me on,
Always the same,
Every path has a reason,
Keep going through the seasons,
Every fight,
Will eventually bring light.
Believe in yourself,
Believe you are right,
In the
Of the
Awake and alone,
Know you were dreaming
Of your future throne.

The path of the empathic covered in light.

A wise man with an eagle on his flag,
A long time back,
Told me,
I had to reconnect,
It was the step
That came next.
It is your spiritual path,
He said,
You must remove the scarf
You feel,
What they do not say,
You hear,
For what they pray.
Do you not see?
He said,
It is who you were
Always meant to be.
Remember the years,
Recall the lost tears,
Listen with your soul,
That is your goal.
I give you the sea,
So you may cleanse,
I give you beauty,
To see through a lens.
I give you white light,
To surround yourself,
In the dead of the night.
Now open your eyes,
And feel without fright.