It scared you, so i let it go.

I never hid it,
From you,
You always knew,
I screamed so loud,
I turned the air blue.
You always knew,
I wanted more,
To keep on going,
Till i was sore.
You asked me once,
To tell it all,
You looked in horror,
as your jaw fell.
I never hid it,
Not a bit,
You always knew,
Where i did sit.
But you never did,
So then i hid,
It scared you,
So i let it go.

Give me what i deserve.

Speak to me like a fucking slut,
Fill my head with dirty smut.
Show me things that will make even the devil blush,
Don’t expect me to hush,
I want to scream,
A primal call,
As my veil falls.
Make me scream,
My cum
Streams down between my legs,
Fill my head
With passion and a wanton desire,
set my soul on fire. I want to hear the devil whisper in my ear,
You are not welcome,
Not even here.
Pause time,
Explore the darkest corners of my mind,
Kiss me soft,
But fuck me hard.
Leave me shaking,
It’s ok,
it’s just my spirit waking.
Taste me,
Taste my lips,
Run your tongue across my clit,
taste my skin,
taste my sins.
Feel me,
Feel my nipples rise,
Feel how i desire,
push your fingers deep inside,
Find the scream that i hide.
Strip away my wings,
Make my fucking spirit sing,
take every part of my body,
And make me sore,

A choice, a regret, a future set.

I sat on the edge,
A cold concrete ledge,
Feet dangling down,
I thought i would drown.
The sea spread out far,
A sky without stars,
A moon without shine,
I took a deep swig of wine.

A choice or regret,
The moment was set.
No going back,
I was off the beaten track.

Then there was him,
It was all just a whim,
Eye’s set in stone,
As he watched me moan.
And another,
Soon after,
Cloaked in laughter,
I was becoming my very own master.

A choice or regret,
The moment was set,
no going back,
I was off the beaten track.

Then there was more,
And i knew, i was sure,
i wanted to feel,
to explore,
The lust in my veins,
Soon took the reigns.
As i walked through the door,
To an untrodden shore.

No regret,
just a choice,
Made with my voice,
I didn’t want to go back,
I had found my track.

Satan’s rain.

I like to
My little red horns,
Away from scorn,
And bleeding thorns.
i like,
Being wrong,
When everyone is right,
I like the deepness of a
Sin filled night.
I’m a soldier of the devils fight,
passion hiding behind my eyes.
Hold me down, many have tried,
some have cried.
It’s deeper then you know,
An eternal glow,
That burns deep inside my veins,
Cooled only by
Satan’s rain.

Spooning under a lunar sky.

Soft tender lips,
on mine,
Fingers tracing hips,
so fine.
Tongue, warm
Against my ear,
The tingles swarm,
I pull you near.
Fingers interlock,
Gently pinned,
In mock.
Small, circular, swings
My nipple’s hard,
Lust filled i scream,
My legs part.
Warm skin,
Beneath my fingers,
Societies sins,
Still linger.
Soft kisses trailing down,
Warm tongue,
Things move round,
Air stolen from my lungs.
My tongue, the very tip,
Licking slowly,
the length of your dick,
bra off, boobs free.
Legs open and on my knees,
Tongues working in unison.
i want to taste,
without haste,
I want to touch,
Without rush.
A reluctant embrace,
till i know,
I am safe.