Sleep paralysis, frozen between worlds.

The heaviness pinning me against the bed. Eyes open I searched the darkness for my captor my eyes met only by the empty shadows. A scream, my scream, a high screech that penetrated where light particles refused to travel. No sound left my stilled body as I struggled against the unseen force holding me against my will. Nothing. With my eyes closed I slowly count, praying for the paralysis to release me, to let go its vice grip on me. My body aches, screaming against the heavy pressure of this unseen dream. Till suddenly I am without cover, my heart a rapid succession of broken beats and the shadows are falling upon me ready to relieve me of my soul. I cannot move and I feel the emptiness become me seeping into my heavy limbs my force ebbing away.

Karen Hayward ©2016

Hold Back the Light.

Pillows soft and light

tired eyes calling to the night.

A cover big and warm

to protect from nocturnal storms.

Silence deeper than peace

to keep me dreaming within the trees.

Darkness that swarms the sky

but never comes in, no matter how hard it tries.

Thoughts of warmth and gentle touch

slow and sensual without a moments rush.

Tired eyes that call into the night

close now and hold back the light.

The Silence that I Crave.

6am and the world is still asleep

as the darkness thins

and the sun begins to creep.

A hushed silence found only in the morn’

before the noise awakes

before the earthly storm.

The clouds of pink and red now turn

as the sky grows lighter

and the sun begins to burn.

Birds begin to wake,

soaring the skies

and singing for joys sake.

Silk webs twinkle in the dew

as spiders wake

to explore this day that’s new.

It doesn’t last it never does

as the world awakes

in their incessant rush.

So each night I sleep and then I wake

to see this world,

for my very own sake.

Karen Hayward (Copyright) 2015.