Curiosities of a mud filled sky.



Cold, wet earth.
Grey clouds and droplets of rain.
Daffodils already through, garden readying anew.  Transformation begins. Vibrational reflections felt, heard and required.
Even in winter, I come here when tired.
Damp dirt to awaken my spirit.
Life’s cycle, clearance nearing completion.
Spring will bring new hope.

Karen Hayward ©2016.



My soul has been aching, waiting for you.

Searching the empty sky for your return,

Your call whispering in the night of blue

Oh how deep it is my heart does yearn.

On this eve of evermore your light shines

upon my door, so close to your full form

I count the seconds until it is time

as your energy creates a loving storm.

For you are life and you are she

An empty sphere of dark and light

So simple. Without you we cannot be.

You come to us on the darkest nights,

sprinkling down your diamond shine

So we may know, it will all be fine.


Karen Hayward ©2015.


The Ocean’s rush.


Feel not the strength of my force
but the depth of my passion.
Feel me as I pull you under
the air pulled from your lungs
as I circle your body.
Feel me as you sink further in,
your eye’s lost in mine as I create a cyclone of desire.
Feel me as I devour your soul in one single wave of ecstasy.
Feel me as I wrap myself around your body,
feel me as excitement builds,
Feel me as my energy rises,
Fell me as my strength recovers,
Feel me as I explode against you in orgasmic rush.
Feel the depth of my passion as I pull you under.

Karen Hayward. 2015© Image and words.

Upon the shore of time.





When I close my eyes I can still feel the whispers of your thoughts

against my skin.  Muted the words skim across me dancing off the

ebbing tide. Hiding between the grains of sand.  You wonder why I

cannot see, perhaps I no longer know where to look, so many grains

covered by pebbles, endorsed by shells of hidden depth and crushed

by the seaside walkers. Perhaps I just don’t know where to look.

The tide draws up and then pulls back, leaving a trail of glistening

water in its path, foam litters the shore, covering more. I look for you

along the waters edge, you are so far out I cannot reach you, and I

am so far in you cannot see me. But everyday that tide draws in and every

day the water meets the grains of time. Every day I wonder if today

we can connect. Today on the shore we will meet with the ocean beneath

our feet.


Karen Hayward ©2015.




Winter darkness.


The frost seeps into my finger tips

as my mind tears open and rips.

Frost lays across the top of cars

the sky is looking less angrily dark.

I search for the moon for her haunting stare

to know for a second that she looks down and cares.

I search and look but the sky lays dark

apart from the lonely northern star.

What are the skies without the moon?

A darkness that envelopes to soon.

Karen Hayward (copyright) 2015. Image and words.

The Silence that I Crave.

6am and the world is still asleep

as the darkness thins

and the sun begins to creep.

A hushed silence found only in the morn’

before the noise awakes

before the earthly storm.

The clouds of pink and red now turn

as the sky grows lighter

and the sun begins to burn.

Birds begin to wake,

soaring the skies

and singing for joys sake.

Silk webs twinkle in the dew

as spiders wake

to explore this day that’s new.

It doesn’t last it never does

as the world awakes

in their incessant rush.

So each night I sleep and then I wake

to see this world,

for my very own sake.

Karen Hayward (Copyright) 2015.