Stray Grains of Sand.


It’s only in darkness that the light skips across the sand.
It’s only as the sun leaves and the moon arrives that silence comes.
Only when I need it does the tide ebb foamed in white,
And only when my eyes are closed so tight.
Only when my eyes are closed do I feel the soft salty mist against my cheeks.
Only when in darkness do I see the particles of light that look like crushed crystals.
Only hours later do i feel the stray grains of sand as my fingers glide across my skin and instantly i am back there toe deep in the oceans brittle glitter.
It’s only with my eyes closed tight that I can feel the ocean breathe through me,
and I realise I have the strength of the on coming tide
With the moon to be my guide.
I have this darkness so I can see the light,
And the strength, so I can win the fight.

Karen Hayward (©2015) poem and image.

Thawed Ice.

I awake when the skies are still dark and the world is still at peace

and in the darkness I listen to the beat of the natural world

the song of the bird the whistle of the wind and the soothing

embrace as she reaches her fingers across the skies and

warms even the coldest of hearts. I wait for that each morning

I wait for the sun to rise and thaw the frozen ice.

Red Sky in the Morning.


Red sky in the morning is a shepherds warning but all I see is beauty.

As pink skims across the clouds kissing the world all I see is beauty.

As pink turns to orange and orange turns to yellow, all I see is beauty.

The rose quartz of the universe, all I see is beauty.