Nightmare within seconds of sleep.

I could still feel the soft fur of the teddy I had propped beneath my head as a makeshift pillow. I was slipping into darkness. I could feel the deep void pulling me forward as I fought to keep control over the slither of mattress I was precariously balancing on. A moment of triumph as I succeed through the haze of sleep. Then I am talking, I am typing, I am awake on the bed and in need of moving. The cover is suddenly pulled over my head and I am spun by unseen forces. I cannot break the cycle. I am dragged in circles beneath the covers in a desperate dark and I cannot move. I feel the gravity around me change as I am spun at speed. My heart beat rises and I repeat and repeat and repeat. This is not real. This is not real. I whisper in my mind to stay calm. This is not real, this is a dream. The spinning slows. I am able to move my fingers and toes as I pull myself from the void. I force my eyes to open. It was not real I whisper to myself as I quickly rise from the bed. This was not real.

Karen Hayward ©2016.