Satan’s Pleasures.

Your God says I am damned to hell.
It happened the moment my halo fell.
Down on my knees with cum on my face
sinfully tempted by the devils taste.
Your God says passion is sin,
as I lay on my bed and ask if it’s in.
With fingers that touch and awaken the soul,
such a shame these are things that you’ll never know.
Your God says the body is shame.
I wonder does God watch as I touch where you came,
as he damns all of those that blaspheme his name,
a portal for the devil to lift God into fame.
Your God says don’t give into lust,
but the pleasures it brings is just such a rush,
I’m down on my knees, take it I must,
’tis the pleasures of life that I really do trust.

©Karen Hayward 2015.

The Devil and His Flute

The sun may warm my soul

for a few minutes each day,

then darkness always

follows wanting out to play.

The moon may cleanse

my broken aura,

as the devil follows calmly

dragging his Pandora and

the stars will map out my route

yet still I dance to the sound of his flute.

Tales of the deviled soul.

Horns and a devils tail,

a promising tale,

of the ship that set sail

in a sea full of scales.

Not swallowed by a whale

neither white nor pale,

and they left no trail,

no where to send mail,

their lives for sale,

but they did have a tail

of the devils horns

and his little red tail.

Thoughts of innocent.

Wandering fingers
Thoughts that linger.
Eyes that roam
and lips that moan,
As pleasure comes,
and fantasies run
Through the dark night,
a battle,
Warmth against my cold skin,
As our bodies touch in mortal sin.
Gone is the girl,
That blushes at the world,
the innocent mind,
the precious find,
As pleasure slips
inside her lips.
A different mask, a hidden face,
As fingers trace
where moans do spill
and the mind,
Lets go at will.
Warm tongue
that runs
across my waiting clit,
Sucking, biting and a precious lick.
Bodies intertwined in pleasure,
Exploring this sin at leisure.
The beating clock,
The beating cock,
Pulsating, throbbing, deep inside,
Naked spirits with nothing to hide.
Wandering fingers,
And fantasies made,


No moon to light the way.
No stars to illuminate my play.
As the wind howls,
Through broken trees,
And battered paths
As natures leaves
remove the scarf.
Seeping through my skin,
Encouraging, enticing, engagement in sin.
Burning deep desire within
Letting the spirit of succubus in.

I desire.

Fuck me, bang me,
Have raw, frenzied sex
with me.
Hard, harder still.
Ruin me,
own me.
Explore me,
Listen as I scream,
As I lose control.
I want to fuck you,
bang you,
have raw frenzied sex with you.
I want to hear you scream,
To see complete abandonment in your eyes.
I want to ruin you,
to feel your cum spill across me,
I want to own you, I want you to beg for more,
I want to explore you, the real you,
I want such pure sex,
That what is left,
In your eyes
when I am done
with you,
is all that is true,
In this fucked up world.