Vodka, my dear and oldest friend.

Dear Vodka,
We haven’t spoken much just lately.
I’m sorry, I know you understand that me and you share a deep connection.
I still remember the very first time that I met you.
I was fourteen and sat with friends,
they wern’t freinds,
i just didn’t know it at that point.
We were in CC a chinese restuarant
closed down and fully stocked
whilst some guy waited for his family to come over.
The first glass burned at my young throat,
three quaters you and a splash of coke,
the second,
fourth glass tasted like laughter,
but what came after,
as you danced through my blood,
posioning me you fuck!
That night our friendship was forged.
You’ve stuck with me through the bad,
helped me with the sad,
i’ve pissed you out in the grimiest places,
puked you up in the worst places (yeah thanks Mr Vodka, the steps outside the pub whilst a band sings my fave song, much appreciated)
But through it all,
We had a ball.
Walking hand in hand,
Through this fucked up land.
I hope you can forgive me,
I hope that you can see,
This time,
You can’t help me.

The fucked up tales of fairys.

Fuck the world in all its glory,
This ain’t no fairy tale story.
There’s no happy end,
Or love to send.
It’s a fantasy built upon bullshit words,
Sung in the tree tops by fucked up birds.
The light is for the weak,
The dark is what I seek,
Truth in the actions
Of the fucked up reactions.
This ain’t no fucking fairy tale,
Life isn’t pass or fail.
Show me a truth, i’ll show you a lie,
Everyone does it, no matter how hard they try.
A fantasy of words created in awe,
Like it’s some kinda fucked up law.

In a bed of roses.

Come dream with me,
of far away places,
with endless days,
and forever nights.
Take away our clothes
and lay naked at my side,
Let the moon dance
Across our skin,
as we begin.
Tantalise me with warm
touches of your tongue,
tickle me with wandering
Restrain me with wanton lust,
reign against me with passion and must,
And when all is done,
lips, licked,
juices, sipped,
just hold me,
as the nights shadows disperse,
let me lay against your body
let my eyes close and my mind turn away,
it’s okay.

Vannilla clouds with a dash of rich toffee sauce.

Lay with me on a soft white cloud,
Let the cool, fresh, untainted air
Wash across our bare skin.
Let nothing matter,
Let nothing in.
Lay with me and let us do nothing,
and everything.
Let us explore what lays behind,
These curious thoughts in our mind.
Give, one another pleasure,
of the body,
the spirit,
and the mind.
Lose time with me,
Hours, days, weeks and months,
Lose all sense with me,
Lay with me on a soft white cloud.

‘Very inspiring blogger award.’


To accept this award, awardees must

  • Display the award on their blog
  • Announce their win with a blog post and thank the blogger who made the nomination
  • Present 10 deserving bloggers with the award
  • Link the awardees in the post and let them know of their nomination with a comment (or ping-back)
  • Include an embedded video of their current favourite song.


Holy crap, FlippyZipFlop
(find her here
Firstly the fact that you got this award really pleases me. You have such enthusiasm and spirit, you really do bring an amazing energy and honesty to your blog that makes it both a fresh and intriguing read. I love reading your posts!


Thank you for nominating me for the award on the grounds  “For the beautiful work that comes day after day.”    Thank you FlippyZipFlop (Kate).


Ok so now it is my turn to pass on this amazing award, and I pass it along too….….I just simply love the way you slip ‘masturbation’ into your writing, there is a raw, honest feel to your words. It reminds me to keep my work real.….I think you are an amazingly strong,honest and brave writer, the world needs more of these, especially in regards to your topic choice.….Your writing has bite and truth, beautiful yet honest. Inspirational.….I’m still courageously exploring erotic writing and whenever I come across your posts your images take my breath away. They are amazingly erotic, the perfect partner for your writing.…. For writing beautiful and inspiring words.….For writing that is playful, thoughtful and without fear.….A beautiful combination of imagery, words and thoughts.….I am nominating you for this award because I like the fact that you reblog (and give full credit) to other blogers, there is something extremely inspirational and kind and friendly about this, that gives me a sense of hope in the world.….Your writing is fun, your writing is deep, your writing is layered. But, whatever you have written, there is a sense of energy on the page.….Beautiful images paired with beautiful words, this is a very inspirational blog.

Phew, hopefully i’ve done it all right! Choosing only ten blogs was surprisingly hard. The blogs I follow, I follow by choice because each and every one of them inspires me in a different way.

Ok lastly I need to embed my current favourite song….who knew that choosing just one single song could be so hard. I have been thinking, hard about this since I got the award a few days back and I have nout! Seriously i’m not really a favourite kinda girl, I like lots of things, love loads of things, adore other things and…well you get the idea. So I rang my Dad, told him my dilemma, he laughed, a lot. Once as he was done laughing he suggested his favourite song ‘Always look on the bright side of life.’ good call Dad, but not today, it did however get me thinking. So this is one of my favourite songs.

I see only driftwood looking back at me.


Worn down by the eroding effects of nature,
still you lay there in all your glory.
Dead wood,
With its very own story.
Memories of the land where once you stood,
The soft breeze,
That blew away your leaves,
To pastures new,
Without you.
Scars etched in your perfect form,
Evidence of the ferocious storms,
You have bared,
Even when scared.
Now here you lay,
Driftwood, they say.
Wandering the shores,
Travelling by sea,
Beauty, strength, i cannot ignore,
For you are the reflection I forever

Mirage of blue.

Swim naked with me in a pool of blue,
Just me and you.
Take of our masks, and remove our disgiuse,
Wash away the curious whys.
Forget the woes of our being,
Everyone needs a rest from seeing.
Watch the dragonfly,
As she skips across the sky.
Once a beauty born of the sea,
Now she soars happy and free.
Let us pause along our paths,
Take time to let our souls feel us laugh.
Swim naked with me in a pool of blue,
Learn the things you never knew,
Forget the past and relish in the new,
Swim with me in a pool of blue.