Follow me as the darkness spreads.

This is for you,
This is for us,
let’s dissappear
Away from the rush.
Close your eyes
and go to that place
Where the world
Whizzes by
without a trace.
Reach out your hand,
For me to take,
Follow me up
to the hill
By the lake.
Feel the sun on my skin,
With the tips of
Your fingers,
Tracing the lines
where the sun
cannot linger.
Kiss me,
Taste my skin,
Enjoy the enticemen
Of an immortal sin.
From there on the hill,
beneath the blue sky,
with a cherry blossom breeze,
abandon your demons
And fall to your knees.
Look in my eyes,
I give it to you,
And true.
Follow me through the untrodden path,
drop away our clothes,
Walk naked, unafraid,
through the summers day.
Lay me down.
lay down beside me.
Feel the sun creep over us
stay here, in this reality,
Here, there is no rush.
And as night time calls,
And the burning sun falls,
make love to me
Beneath a star filled sky,
with a full moon
Sprinkling down upon us.
Watch as the darkness takes me,
Taste it, as it burns through me,
Feel as the devil dances through my viens
And I become
as I turn,
as my innocense is lost
As the dark angels call out to me,
see, as the darkness sets me free.

He hides in the shadow holding his tail.

He hides in the shadows
that the sun can not reach,whispering sinful thoughts,
a new way he does teach.
Telling me of a life,
created through autonomy,
Where I can be free
Make choices from my heart,And play my very own part.
He hides in the darkness,
Calling me in,
Asking me why,
I choose not to sin.
It’s not for a god,
I whisper to him,
or a man of the cloth,
or a preacher that believes,
He has the answers
To world peace.
I don’t live by the rules,
I haven’t a clue.
I live for my soul,
it’s my ultimate goal,
To walk with the devil,
and show him a life,
Filled not with strife,
But the freedom to choose,
Win or lose,
To love and to lust,
and follow the must,
to bare my spirit
And still love me,
every bit.

Devil be damned.

more trees than forest,
More clouds than sky,
More thoughts than words.
Constantly tripping
Through my mind,
My day,
My hours, seconds
Ripping a void
Created through pain,
And desperate to reign,
An occrance of the past,
Reality that must not last,
The only reality I know,
To reap what i sew.
Welcome to my soul,
look deep at what I know,
See what I have seen,
Feel what I have felt,
You are lost in a sea of the damned,
The devil wants my hand,
I am not for the taking,
I’m done foresaking,
You cannot take my soul,
I have a brand new goal,
And I don’t know what it is,
Or where this battered path leads,
But, confusion,
You are an illusion,
Of the past I left behind,
So leave this muddled mind,
I’m not the devils find.

Vodka, my dear and oldest friend.

Dear Vodka,
We haven’t spoken much just lately.
I’m sorry, I know you understand that me and you share a deep connection.
I still remember the very first time that I met you.
I was fourteen and sat with friends,
they wern’t freinds,
i just didn’t know it at that point.
We were in CC a chinese restuarant
closed down and fully stocked
whilst some guy waited for his family to come over.
The first glass burned at my young throat,
three quaters you and a splash of coke,
the second,
fourth glass tasted like laughter,
but what came after,
as you danced through my blood,
posioning me you fuck!
That night our friendship was forged.
You’ve stuck with me through the bad,
helped me with the sad,
i’ve pissed you out in the grimiest places,
puked you up in the worst places (yeah thanks Mr Vodka, the steps outside the pub whilst a band sings my fave song, much appreciated)
But through it all,
We had a ball.
Walking hand in hand,
Through this fucked up land.
I hope you can forgive me,
I hope that you can see,
This time,
You can’t help me.

The fucked up tales of fairys.

Fuck the world in all its glory,
This ain’t no fairy tale story.
There’s no happy end,
Or love to send.
It’s a fantasy built upon bullshit words,
Sung in the tree tops by fucked up birds.
The light is for the weak,
The dark is what I seek,
Truth in the actions
Of the fucked up reactions.
This ain’t no fucking fairy tale,
Life isn’t pass or fail.
Show me a truth, i’ll show you a lie,
Everyone does it, no matter how hard they try.
A fantasy of words created in awe,
Like it’s some kinda fucked up law.

Play date with the Devil.

I want,
I think I want,
I want,
No strings sex,
No touching my neck,
no kissing,
I wouldn’t miss it.
Raw naked sex,
Sexual elation,
No intimate moments,
I want sex that screams of repent,
That makes the devil blush
At the sinister rush
Of selfish satisfaction
A human reaction?

In a bed of roses.

Come dream with me,
of far away places,
with endless days,
and forever nights.
Take away our clothes
and lay naked at my side,
Let the moon dance
Across our skin,
as we begin.
Tantalise me with warm
touches of your tongue,
tickle me with wandering
Restrain me with wanton lust,
reign against me with passion and must,
And when all is done,
lips, licked,
juices, sipped,
just hold me,
as the nights shadows disperse,
let me lay against your body
let my eyes close and my mind turn away,
it’s okay.