Fuck you universe.

A storm,
The irony,
To finish my night,
Fill me with fright.
flashes that reach
Across the sky,
Before my eyes.
The universe is
To make
Hidden alone,
in dark place,
whilst a storm
Fills the space.
Empty of thoughts,
Void of love,
No one to hold me,
When it gets too
The flashes are closer,
Leaving a trail,
In the air,
Like an energetic flair.
Their thunderous screams,
Thank you
Dear universe,
Of nature,
Clouds up

Imperfect reflection of the chaotic beauty.

I am imperfect,
I am flawed
I am everything,
And i am nothing.
I am someone,
Am of course,
No one.
I am a reflection,
Of a shadow,
A whisper,
A silent echo.
That only a few can sense.
I am a goddess,
borne from the red moon.
I am a succubus,
Deep carnal desire.
I am a heathen,
A sister of the devils army,
I am an elemental,
A sister of earth,
The Angels stand at my side,
The devil along for the ride.
I am perfect,

LSD my friend, rain for me till the very end.

This is a random stream of thoughts on rain and Sundays. 🙂

Cool rain upon my skin,
Fresh breeze, to help me think.
Soft silence,
For life to echo in,
Birds singing love,
Not violence,
this is the stuff.
I tingle with excitement,
Long walks, wet jeans,
Trainers soaked at the seams.
Damp hair, and smudged face,
Giggling and laughing in this race.
LSD induced fantasies,
A childhood escape from realities.
Blowing bubbles,
in a dirty puddle.
A red dress that shrunk and shrunk, so soft at the start, now hard and wet.
A police car ride,
No where to hide,
Did they see?
Not a chance,
Rambled words,
From three ‘drunken birds’.
No time for a bus
Rain never stopped us.
We danced through the splashes,
Hid from the flashes.
Dinner cooking,
No one looking,
Windows open
And all steamed up,
Time for another cup,
Hot tea with milk and sugar,
You never went far.
Family day,
Not allowed out,
I had to stay,
So i stood at the window,
The smell of dinner,
The sound of rain,
Tip tapping,
And i knew i was the winner.

The soul of the devils soldier.

My dearest devils soldier,
i dreamt of you last night,
So bitter and angry,
that i had put out your light.
You hissed at me,
and then you fleed,
I couldn’t fill your deep need.
I’ve dreamt of you all this week,
a reminder from the devil,
That you were never mine to keep.
Each time evil in your face,
As you realised, finally
I had left without a trace.
I hope, one day you’ll see,
It was the only way for you to be free.
I let go of the string,
That connected our souls,
In the hope that one day you’ll know, you’ll get,
A life without a regret,

Fierce apocolyptic skies thay cry.

I sit at the window and watch the fierce winds tear through the trees, rattling everything he can. His angry voice crept ito my dreams, he showed me tornadoes made of the blood of man, clouds that were deep black and set in a red sky. He showed me sacrifices and humanity. The howling wind that tapped against my dreams, awoke my fears, and whispered i am so near. He taunted me, tickled my soul, pulled me out from the depths of sleep, and screamed above the universe, your soul is mine to keep.

Dear universe, really? freeweite of random thoughts.

So it’s been an odd couple of days, you know, so yesterday i got half way through the day looked up and thought really universe, really! So firstly a friend did a vanishing act, poooof, entire profile gone, including the youtube songs that i love! Anyway, instinct said, nout to worry about, so left them to find their way back. Because sometimes, that is exactly what needs to happen. Popped onto facebook to answer some rather random questions from the mum, looked down at my messages and thought, wow, got myself another facebook user….it still surprises me how often people block me on facebook, it’s a little like they don’t like what I have to say, now admittedly in the past it has tended to be fellow students, (yesterdays block was not a student, but rather someone that is proving nothing by blocking…or perhaps proving everything.) Anyway, you know what bugs me? serial blockers, and the ‘bye’ i’m leaving facebook peeps, really? Ok then go, don’t make a show!..Anyhoot, what to do,what to do, what to do, you see, this isn’t the first time, i got blocked whenever i refuse to walk on the egg shells he has kindly put out for me, and within a few days he is usually back, pretending it didn’t happen…but i’m thinking, enough, i may just block them back this time, life just aint a game, i proper hate game players!…Anyway the day actually got worse (or better, mum, if you ever read this i mean better), turns out the odd random questions were for a reason, my mother is thinking of visiting at the weekend…gonna be plenty of you thinking, well that’s a good thing, and it is, but i see her once a year, May, May a month and a half ago, its not been a year, so why the visit, at first i thought oh yeah the new dog, she wants it to play in the sea, then i thought, well hold on, i aint great at geography, but you live a hundred miles away, i am pretty sure you have beaches closer too you….grrrr, so why the fuss? Why does this idea of a visit from mummy bother me? Well….perhaps another day, i gotta clean this place from top to bottom, change my entire appearance, prepare a five year plan and fill the freezer with a months worth of wholesome home cooked dinners….and even then it won’t be good enough. Still, it has me in a tissle, she’s my mum, and she wants to see me, and of course this makes me happy……seriously, dear universe of ours, why do some people hold the power to get us in a tissle? Answers on a post card, peeps!!?
Anyway i gotta go eat some space invaders…and choccie buttons …mixed together and make the most of being home alone :-).

Dracul, stand at my feet.

(Picture found on Pinterest)

Queen of the underworld,
the universe
and extinguished lights.
Open your eyes, and prepare
for the fight.
rise up and stand
before your leader.
Stand upon the
edges of the earth,
take mirth in all
that can be seen.
The devastation and
destruction of man kind.
The last wisps of humanity,
burning in the devils
calling out the angels.
Let the flames burn through
the last hope,
let the heat fuel your
feel it as burns
your soul,
and know,
that you are alive.