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nice people!

Hungry ducks, hungry hearts.



You stood back for a moment watching

as the hungry ducks swarmed around

my daughters ankles. Beaks open,

ready for fresh bread.

Your offer was hesitant and full of faith

as you handed her the bag of bread. Her

eyes lit up, she had more food for

the snapping beaks, your eyes lit up

in response.

Karen Hayward ©2016. (Words and Image.)



Today I was overly aware of how grumpy, rude and despondent people are. Which got me thinking about those people I came across who were actually the opposite, who were nice, friendly happy. This got me thinking I want to write about these people, I want to recall these people. So this is the first poem in my collection of nice people poems!!


If I were to hedge a bet I’d say Glasgow, that strong heavy accent was like music to my ears. Eyes locking eyes a single moment in time. Recognition. Mannerisms that meant so much to me and so little to others. That gentle smile as I walked away and you called after me, harsh replaced with soft, a fleeting face among thousands as you whispered, have a happy valentines…

Karen Hayward ©2016