A Glimpse at the Ride.


Some people come into our lives forever,
Some just so we may catch aglimpse of our soul.
They put us on the right path,
They’re a beacon of light on the darkest nights.
They show us the dreams that we do not see.

They say we walk the earth with the very same souls.
Each life, Each time, repeating a pattern,
repeating a crime. With each familiar echo
our soul connects. Sometimes with laughter,
sometimes with kindness, sometimes with love and
sometimes the knowledge of having it tough.

And in among the de ja vu
you discover the missing piece of you.
The mirror reflection; bits gone,
without detection. An image of your dreams
your heart, your soul. Everything new but everything,
you already knew.

The twin flame doesn’t bring Love, lust,
or salvation. A twin flame whispers in your ear,
that they are always near. No matter how far,
even the furthest star. They show you your path.
They are love that is unseen, they are the reason you dream.
They are not the missing piece, of your soul, they
are you. And they always knew, as did you.

They are the fire in your flame, listen
as they whisper your name.
They are the light that leads you into the night.
They are not the love that fills your thoughts,
they are the breath that gets caught.
Throughout our days, they say,
that our souls will meet, and filled with
heat, we will know.

Some will grow old, along by our side,
Some come along, for a glimpse at the ride,
some of them unknown,
away they do hide.
All of them
here for a moment
at our sides.

Karen Hayward (Copyright) 2015.

Image and words

I need the silence of the tide. 

I need the silence of forever the calm of the tide,

I’d really like a den in which for me to hide. 

You’re a cog within the works that never should have seen,

I hid beneath the radar happy just to be. 

My growth is self imposed it leads me to my fate,

I stand alone in shadows but time is getting late. 

My wings were feeling heavy and the universe could see,

So when I whispered, please, I’m ready,

they handed you to me. 

You’re my reason in the dark that never should have seen,

I hid beneath the radar happy just to be.

I’m stubborn in my mind and fought the dark alone,

I look upon myself and see how much I’ve grown. 

Now my path is changing it heads toward the moon,

The tide is ever ebbing upon me all too soon. 

I need the silence of forever the calm of the tide,

I need to change my plans, I need you at my side. 
Karen Hayward ©2016 


A moment in time.

It was not your honesty that flamed her heart,

nor your belief or even the love you had for her.

It was your deceit that opened

her eyes, it was your disbelief that gave fuel

to her soul and gave her the wings to fly. The emptiness

created by you gave her a void to fill,

the pain left by you, gave her wounds to stop

and be healed. If it were not for your deceit,

she would never have found herself. As for your love,

that was the only proof she needed, that fairy tales

can exist, even if only for a moment in time.