Soft, golden, crisp, silence,
Weakened my defence,
And the words, came with ease,
Which scares me,
Like the bee’s.
And i don’t understand, and
I don’t comphrehend,
Why you want, me, to be your friend,
And im not sure it matters,
Or if it’s more than just flatter,
So my tongue speaks the truth,
Cos i have nothing to lose.
But, it kinda, feels serene,
To be seen,
And i wonder,
How you got past,
The mask,
So fast.
So i checked all my armour,
And it’s all still in place,
So how did you put,
This smile on my face?


The universe is mine.

What if…
The sun shines bright,
For me,
So i can see.
The moon glows white,
So i can keep sight.
What if…
The endless blue sky…
Is to remind me,
That i can fly.
What if…
The luscious green, grass grows beneath my feet, soft and warm, for the days when i am beat, what if, the stars are shining down on me, each night, to set me free, what if seasons change, the wind blows the knowing eyes, the warm smiles…
What if…
They are all for me,
What if…
I am right, i am the light.

Fully dimensional hell.

What if…
One day, i don’t wake up.
My body moves,
My eyes open wide,
But my spirit gone.
What if…
Im not strong,
I’m wrong.
What if…
There is no light,
I lose the fight,
And he is right.
What if i am simply,
a broken spirit
That wanders, lost,
What if i can’t remove the cage,
And i become bitter and full of rage?
Will i then, be in hell?


When will you learn,
your silence won’t break me, your eyes that burn,
Will not change me.

I’ve grown a thicker skin,
So the sharp, shells don’t hurt me,
You could’ve been king,
If you hadn’t misused me.

The lollypop man.

Soft grey eyes, and fluffy white hair,
This is the man, and he does, dare.
He steps out, into oncoming cars,
No matter how fast.
He gives me a smile, a nod, 
And then waits a while,
No rush he says, take your time,
as we walk slowly,
laughing, giggling, enjoying the time.
He puts his hand out,
in front of my chest,
right there, like he cares,
then lollypop in the air,
He walks out into oncoming cars,
No matter
how fast.