Flowers in my deepest thoughts.

I’ve never really liked
My thoughts,
Cloaked in darkness,
I always fought,
To stay away from
Their deep despair,
To never like,
to never care.
But now i think,
I will not sink,
Deep inside
Thoughts open wide,
With no where to hide,
They question why
It is, that i never cry.
why, i always try,
and never give up,
Eye always on the final cup.
And in amongst the sharpest thorns,
Little flowers grow, smothering the scorn.


The void of a missing friend.

Old man with a mind full of words,
I see how much you hurt.
No forgotten thing,
You remember every fling.
In your black and white life,
Always remembering the run away wife.
you knock at my door,
Stand at my shore,
And needing more.

So i stop, and i listen,
As you have before.
i smile and laugh,
As i lean on my door.
And you tell me secrets,
That should never be told,
Of forgotten nights,
That will never grow old.

Old man that stands at my door,
That stood in my house,
That fell on my floor.
I’ll listen, i’ll be the void,
On the days when you
Feel truly annoyed.
When you need you best friend,
Who has moved to the ends.
I’ll be your friend.

Sun kissed morning skin.

For an entire second,
My world was silent,
Body fully rested,
Mind ready to be tested.
I pushed back the heavy covers,
That threaten to smother.
Cold air, tingling against my burning skin,
And pushed my legs open,
My toes reaching, for either side of the bed,
Arms stretched above my head.
My sun kissed chest, tingling,
And i do not care,
My skin bare,
It’s a brand new day.

She see’s it all.

She doesn’t stop,
To look,
She just keeps going,
The burden heavier eachday,
The tiredness threatens,
To constantly consume her
and yet, she never sleeps.
The exhaustion, so heavy on her, she hides away, where she wants to stay.
She see’s it all,
The harshest words,
The killer glare,
The attitude that screams, i just don’t care.
she cooks, she cleans and makes everything gleam,
All so that he, can be happily mean.