Fallen angels.

If we are angels sent back
To walk the earth
to live and learn
The lessons of our past.
If this is true,
Then what is my lesson?
What badge of honour
Must I earn?
Some say, I must impress,
those around me,
Those I do not know,
Prove to them my worth,
But I do not believe,
That is why I was sent to earth.
I have no desire to impress
The empty souls that are driven by success,
I am more than a pretence
My path leads far beyond that fence.
And I know I have the strength
To stand high above the rest,
I will become, one of the best,
But ‘ll do it all on merit,
I’ll earn my worthy place,
I’m not meant for a worldly stage,
It is just another cage.
Some think it is what we know,
That makes us worthy for the show,
Letters after our name,
That take away the shame.
But wisdom cannot be taught,
Common sense cannot be brought,
and no one will ever know,
the hours i did sow
The struggles in the night,
so that i one day might,
have an alphabet name,
To cover my shame.
Others say it’s love I must learn,
believe in myself,
truth of the soul,
is the ultimate goal,
and I wonder if i’ll achieve this fantasy role.

A night without escape.

I fell so deep,
into sleep,
I can’t recall my dreams,
Or what they mean.
I asked for light
Throughout the night.
Surrounding me,
It set me free.
A protective bubble,
A spiritual cuddle.
Nothing got in,
No noise, not a thing.
i slept so deep,
At the Angels keep.
Their wings cooling my air,
Fingers, smoothing my hair.
Whispers in my ear,
Telling me,
They were always

Flames from the devils lair.

I do,
I try,
I really do.
I smile
And laugh,
And run you a bath.
I cook your
Favourite food,
And tip toe
Your grumpy mood.
I cannot help,
With laughter,
Or talk and giggle
Way into after,
i cannot be
what you want to see.
So i steal away time,
Sometimes to write
sometimes to commit,
I’m an angel,
Good through
And through,
Other little bit,
That turns the air
That little
Can never cease,
It makes my heart beat,
My spirit dance,
My mind in a safe trance,
And my soul,
It makes my soul burn
In a tirade of flames,
Straight from the devils
It’s the reason,
I care.