I’ve got a fucking headache.

I’ve got a fucking headache and I really wanna sleep,

words are sitting on my tongue that I know I need to keep. 

Clouds are forming up above and storms are coming in,

And today my mood is simple…just fuck everything. 

I’ve got a fucking headache and it’s tearing through my mind,

I’m pretty sure when I got up I forgot i’m really kind.

And everything is noisy, and everything is loud,

I should hide beneath a shroud. 

But I’ve got a fucking headache and I really wanna sleep,

And these words upon my tongue, I’m gonna fail to keep. 

Karen Hayward ©2016

A midday ‘Sales person’ rant.

Sales people….they drive me crazy! Honestly they drive me insane, I get it, I understand it’s their job and they have to get the hits to get the money, but seriously when I say No, I actually mean No. No means No peeps! Oh and that dumb arse stupid thing they do when they say it’s great value, better than what you’re receiving now…hmmm I may have failed my Maths GCSE but I can do the maths, it’s not value if you want more money and I don’t want the service you are selling. I did feel a little bad for the poor lad though, he was clearly trying very hard to stick to his script and I was ripping it to shreds and enjoying it! But seriously, sales people when I say No I mean No, if you carry on reading your script to me I promise I will rip it apart, I promise I will throw back at you everything you are throwing at me and I promise I will do it whilst smiling, Speaking to me is a complete waste of your time, time you could be spending actually getting customers, I make it clear from the word go that I do not want your service…seriously do you think I am  a dumb housewife? Just throw a few words my way and you’ll grab yourself a deal….grrr you drive me crazy!!!!!! Ok rant over.