Slicing through the echo of my own perfection

The body, when perfectly whole
Without cut, scar or gaping hole
Is a vessel of beautiful perfection
Radiating aura without detection
of cast of entities from darker sense…

Each cut, scar, hole leaves open essence
protection fails as they seep in
heavy thoughts they always bring
feeding on energy, power drives on
reality is rewritten, they become strong.

To cleanse, to hide, to meditate
is never quite enough to fight
for holes in auras outer shield
are the reason for the magnetic field
They deceive, come in many guise

Such power they feed from mine so wise,
S’not you s’not me, they choose just feed
are blind in choice beyond holes of sieve
Such holes they must be healed
To regain your protective field.

Even in distance across time and space
healing occurs from source trace,
All is needed, permission granted
intent is thought a decision planted
Allow me, and I will remain silent
till thoughts quenched end of violence.


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When broken becomes flawed perfection.

Candle light is so Romantic

You excite me.
The way your lust spills
across my body caressing
my skin, melding within
my essence, filling cracks
Of old, broken becomes
Flawed perfection. Your intent
Is my most desired taste.
Your lustrous passion swims
In my veins, crimson aura
draws me from an eternal
slumber. Awakened need
embraces my every thought,
Every cell within my body,
every atom within my soul,
yearns to devour the
Intrinsic workings of your
mind found deep within
The taste of your mouth
On mine.

Karen Hayward (c) 2017
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In Loves Universal Aura.

I have had the amazing opportunity to write alongside Duane in this collaboration. Thank you Duane, it has been too long since I have looked up and written about the stars. 🙂 +Duane Phillips

In Loves Universal Aura.

Is it truly a vast emptiness of infinite darkness,
Illuminated by speckled lights beyond our reach,
For I see celestial tears illuminating heaven’s breath.
Angel wings embracing my soul as an eternal magnitude
Of beauty whispers of caught wishes and hope’s belief
In love’s universal aura

Heaven’s beauty, earth’s treasure with this chasm fixed
Love, light, beauty, paradise we seek beyond the rainbow
Did I hear angel wings? Thought I heard voices sing
Anthems of celestial promise fill my ears. A heavenly
Chorus hastens my yearning. Love, light, beauty, paradise
Oh cherubs, receive my prayers with love’s universal aura

Lost in twilight’s mirage, a mere speck in infinite space,
yet, angels golden breath upon my cheek in the swarming
darkness. The infinite presence in capacious skies,
Tenebrosity looms, enlightened spirits reach for the
ethereal realms of paradise. As souls entwine amidst
silver petals illuminating celestial horizons in loves universal aura.

Karen Hayward ©2017 Duane Phillips ©2017
Image ©2017 Karen Hayward

Will you pause among wings of butterflies to search the heavens with me?

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If I pause to look,

to see,

to feel,

to photograph

to capture

that single moment,

will you pause with me?

Will you stand aside

as I explore the contours

of age that rots the


of histories finest,

or will you walk beside me?

Will I step alone into the

dark overgrowth of

natures way

or will I have only my shadow

to whisper

you’re okay.

If delight illuminates

my eyes and sheer pleasure

sits upon my smile

will you see it, for what it is?

Or will it be a burden

to your day.

If I’ve mud upon my shoes,

leaves within my curls

grass upon my knees,

and blood upon my skin,

will you see I am free?

And if I need to trail back

to cross bridges, jump rocks

or simply to dawdle beneath the

afternoon sun, will you reach out

your hand and walk beside me?

If I pause to feel the cold

splash of water against

my leg as I jump

carelessly into puddles, will

you watch from the kerb and

scrowl, or will you smile?

If I trespass to explore,

if my mind constantly

wants more, if I pause and

pause again and declare

unconditional love to

the sun, the moon, the

skies and all his illuminations.

Will you see?

Will you love this part of me?

Will you see?

Will you walk along at

my side,

not behind,

not ahead,

not scowling.

Smiling. Will I see your

soul smiling?

Karen Hayward ©2016