Walk in my shadow.


I only ask that you listen;

I only ask that you hear,

these things may seem tiny,

but, they create so much fear.

I only ask that you look;

I only ask that you see,

stop looking for disruption

not all kids up and flee.

I only ask that you touch;

I only ask that you feel,

put your feet in my shoes

and know that it’s real.

Karen Hayward (Copyright) 2015.

The rainbow spectrum.

A room full of faces with stories too tell,

children that crash, children that yell.

Some of them tired, some of them beat,

there’s coffee to sip and cake to eat.

Each story the same, each child so different,

battling parents, ready to implement.

A moment each month to stop and share,

surrounded by people that actually care.

The sun is too hot, the sky is too blue,

finally people that know this is true.

In a world full of face’s where nobody see’s,

I sit in a room, and finally feel free.